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Benjamin Netanyahu said he planned to discuss Iran's attempts to maintain military presence in Syria with Vladimir Putin.

Russian businessman Viktor Bout, who is in jail in the United States, has been deprived of telephone calls for two months, and his prison term has been extended for 15 days for a telephone conversation with the RT broadcaster, his wife Alla Bout told Sputnik on Tuesday.

The United States will be forced to do nation-building in Afghanistan despite President Donald Trump’s claims to the contrary considering the US military must boost Afghan government security forces or remain in the country forever, former Defense Department analyst Chuck Spinney told Sputnik.

Preview Moscow has fired back at the latest round of US sanctions targeting Russian interests, as Washington blacklisted one Russian company and four individuals for their alleged dealings with North Korea.
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Preview Louise Linton, wife of Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, is facing accusations of being out of touch, condescending and nasty on Instagram when she returned fire to a commenter who criticized her promotion of luxury clothing brands.
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The new US strategy to win the 16-year-long war in Afghanistan announced by President Donald Trump is certain to fail because it has no clearly defined "end game," exit strategy or final goals, former CIA officer and whistleblower John Kiriakou told Sputnik.

Preview A program to implement an electronic payments system for collecting taxes in Afghanistan to fight corruption and bribery has failed miserably, a US watchdog says. It’s become the second such unsuccessful program, with some $160 million spent on both.
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Preview A frustrated businessman in the Russian city of Kirov has paid his 46,700 ruble (around $790) insurance premiums debt to the bailiffs in a total of 4,670,000 kopeks, which are the country’s smallest coins.
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Turns out that artificial intelligence bots might be better at composing music than Bach or wild-haired Beethoven could have imagined.

The United States’ path to prolong its presence in Afghanistan, announced by US President Donald Trump on Monday, shed no light on how peace can be achieved in the war-torn nation.

A group of US progressives are organizing to petition former US presidential candidate and current Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders to reignite his “political revolution” by leading a new political formation outside of the Democrat Party.

Preview Fruitful thieves in New Zealand have taken to social media to sell their ill-gotten gains as demand and prices for avocados on the island nation continue to rise.
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Dubai Custom officers arrested a man trying to smuggle 5.7 million amphetamine pills into Saudi Arabia by hiding the illegal goods in sheep intestines this past Spring.

Preview Protesters and Trump supporters are outside the Phoenix venue where the president will hold his first rally since his controversial response to violence in Charlottesville. Trump is expected to push his border wall, but not pardon ex-Sheriff Joe Arpaio.
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As the concept of a single payer health care gains popularity in the US, the elites of the Democratic Party seem hell-bent on squashing any movement toward a Medicare-for-all system.

The Lebanese military announced on Tuesday that 80 percent of Lebanese land controlled by Daesh and its allies has been retaken by the Lebanese military after weeks of fighting along the Lebanon/Syria border.

Former foreign policy adviser to Senate Republican leaders Jim Jatras claims that the US-Russia conflict could go much further than visa disruptions, involving much tougher sanctions on both sides that could inflict hardship and suffering on many people.

China’s embassy in France had to remind Chinese tourists to follow local laws after a few tourists were arrested for illegally flying drones at renowned landmarks in Paris.

Preview One of the largest hospitals in Sweden decided to cancel appointments for patients suffering from the consequences of botched plastic surgeries in a move that triggered debates, with legal experts saying there is no lawful basis to deny treatment.
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The Pakistani Foreign Ministry expressed "disappointment" regarding recent accusations by Donald Trump.

The Norwegian Defense Ministry press service said that the Norwegian Defense Minister and the German Defense Minister have agreed to begin cooperation on naval defense equipment.

The China North Industries Corporation (NORINCO) recently demonstrated a new generation of infantry fighting vehicles (IFVs) that it touts as a "brand-new generation of 30-ton heavy tracked armored vehicles with the protection level of tanks."

President Donald Trump’s vow to get tougher on Islamabad might backfire given that Pakistan can sever critical US-NATO supply routes into Afghanistan at any time, former CIA Officer Phil Giraldi told Sputnik.

02:26, 23.08.2017: No Trump Card in Afghanistan

US President Donald Trump made a speech about his policy regarding the US War in Afghanistan, which will turn 16 years old this October - the longest running war in US history.

Preview The first 13 arraignments of protesters and counter-protesters at a Boston “free speech” rally have concluded. Some attendees purportedly hit police officers with their hands and threw water bottles at them while exercising their first amendment rights.
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Preview With President Donald Trump’s new strategy, America’s longest-ever war promises to stretch on indefinitely, despite pledges by previous administrations and by Trump himself to withdraw from Afghanistan.
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Nicolas Maduro said that he would like to speak with his US counterpart Donald Trump by telephone.

Lukas Podolski, a former Arsenal and Germany forward from the 2014 Brazil World Cup, is considering filing a lawsuit against Breitbart after the outlet's London bureau published a photo of him on a jet-ski to illustrate an article on illegal immigration.

Preview A High Court judge in Spain has announced a ruling on the four surviving suspects in last week's terrorist attacks in which 15 people were killed and over 100 injured. Two of the men suspected of involvement in the terrorist plot have been ordered to be held without bail, but one freed on certain conditions.
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For the first time ever, the US and South Korea will be conducting war games meant to prepare their militaries for the possibility of a nuclear war, according to a South Korean Defense Ministry official. North Korea has previously called the planned military exercises a provocation that could lead to nuclear war.

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